Saturday, February 14, 2015


Lolo French Antiques et More is serving up some delicious "sweet treats" this Valentine's Day! 
We have a fabulous selection of chocolates for your Valentine this year — like this "burled brittle infused with orange liqueur dusted with chestnut shavings"

French Louis Philippe Side Table

and this "caramel truffle with a milk chocolate ganache infusion of borbon vanilla and sea salt"

French Art Deco Leather Club Chair

 and especially this "dark chocolate praliné, coated with roasted and caramelized almonds, enrobed in dark chocolate."  

French St. Antoine de Padoue Statue
Chocolat, whether it's the color or the candy, is a great gift for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day.
 One of our favorite chocolate candies, the truffe au chocolat (chocolate truffle), is synonymous with luxury and decadent indulgence. 

Truffes au Chocolate, La Maison du Chocolat, Paris

The chocolate truffle is a chocolate confection created by a pâtissier named Louis Dufour in the picturesque, mountainous region of southeastern France known as the Savoiea. While preparing Christmas sweets in the city of Chambéry in 1895, the French chocolatier realized he was missing some basic ingredients. Too proud to purchase supplies from a competitor, Dufour decided to blend crème fraîche, vanilla and cocoa powder — creating what we now call ganache — the traditional center of a truffle. To make his creation more appealing, Dufour rolled small amounts of the ganache into balls, dipped them into melted chocolate, and then dusted them with more cocoa powder. The irregular shaped chocolate confections looked a lot like the fancy mushrooms known as truffles, hence the name truffle was used to describe them. They were an instant success! 

Today, truffles are filled with everything from ganache to caramel to liqueur, 
and decorated with everything from cocoa powder to sea salt to coconut.
We hope you and your Valentine indulge in some decadent chocolate today!

Bonne Saint Valentin!

Lolo & Mimi