Friday, May 15, 2015


Lolo and I are excited to introduce you to Cole Brock, my son and our newest employee. Cole graduates this summer from The University of Alabama with a bachelor of arts degree in history. His plans were to attend law school until I asked him to help at the store one Saturday while Laurent was out of town. Little did I know what an effect that would have on him. He couldn't wait for Laurent to get back so he could talk to him.

Cole on his official first day at work

Cole's always loved history and has collected "things" for as long as I can remember. Our home was filled with art and antiques, so scouring the stalls of flea markets from New York to Paris as a child was exciting and fun for him. He enjoyed the thrill of the hunt during these adventures and developed an appreciation for antiques and their history. 

Cole getting his portrait done in Montmartre before heading to Les Puces

But it's Laurent's work ethic, passion and love of antiques that has inspired and motivated Cole to want to learn not only the business but the fine art of furniture restoration that Lolo has mastered. He wants to experience the same satisfaction and joie de vivre Lolo experiences doing what he loves. 

Lolo, Mimi and Cole

Only history will tell if he stays on the same career path that Lolo chose over twenty years ago! In the meantime, he'll be happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have. He has a lot to learn, but Lolo says he can already tell "Cole feels it." And Lolo knows!

À Bientôt!

Lolo & Mimi